reasons i fell in love with autumn

12 reasons why I fell in love with autumn

Blogtober Day 1

Welcome to day one of my blogtober challenge! It is no secret that autumn is my most favourite time of the year, everyone who knows me will tell you I am the crazy, autumn obsessed lady (which is probably true!) I honestly cannot describe how excited I am now the leaves are finally starting to turn orange and red and brown, the air is getting crisp and cooler, and I have already started ticking activities off my autumn bucket list.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall – F. Scott Fitzgerald

There are so many things I just adore about autumn, but I have thought about it for so long and have decided on the top 12 things that made me fall in love with autumn.  

1. The Smell Of Autumn

I know this may sound crazy but the smell of autumn has to be my favourite thing about this time of year, I love the smell of the rain mixed with the cool breeze and the warm autumn spices like cinnamon and ginger and of course the smell of comfort food such as apple pie, stews and homemade soups, autumn is definitely the best time of year for food! I would take hearty, comfort food over BBQ’s and salads any day of the year

2. Halloween

I mean who doesn’t love Halloween right? I remember as a child I would be so excited for Halloween, me and my sisters would create our DIY Halloween outfits out of bin liners, rags and fabric, recycled clothes and pretty much anything we could find that we could cut up and attach to our costumes, we would be so proud of our creations and would get loads of compliments when we went out guising, in fact I think most of my friends and people in my street all made their own costumes most years (those were the days!) in recent years I have spent most Halloween nights with my family helping all my lovely little nieces and nephews with their costumes, face-paint, pumpkin carving and helping my siblings throw the ultimate Halloween parties!

3. Comfort Food

This is a must for the list! Ohh how I’ve missed home cooked comfort foods like stew and dumplings, lentil soup and apple crumbles.

4. Autumn Fashion

Autumn is my favourite season for fashion, I love the cable knit sweaters, warm tartan scarfs, cute hats and cozy boots that come into style in autumn. I also love the colour of the clothes for autumn all the browns, mustards and burgundies they are just perfect!

5. Autumn Walks

Is there anything better for the mind, body and soul than taking a crisp autumn walk, breathing in the cool air and hearing the leaves crunch under your feet. I love taking autumn walks when the sun is rising or setting and the colours of pink and orange light up the sky.

6. Blankets

I can’t help but buy all the cute tartan blankets in autumn, they are so cozy and perfect for snuggling up on a cold autumns night while binge watching your favourite Netflix series

7. Hygge

This has made the list since I love all things hygge, when I think of hygge I basically think of autumn. Hygge is all about the feeling of coziness and being content in your life, its about doing activities which will bring you feelings of joy and happiness therefor creating a happier, healthier lifestyle.  Hygge and autumn go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows go together.

8. Hot Chocolate

Autumn is the season for making the ultimate hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, I don’t drink coffee at all but I do love a cup of tea, and when autumn arrives I can add some delicious hot chocolate into my nightly routine rather than the usual tea.

9. Cozy Nights In

Nothing beats a cozy autumn night in with the candles lit, the coziest PJ’s on, the rain battering off the window and your curled up on the couch reading your favourite book with snacks and hot drinks. Could you get a more perfect night?

10. Candles

I always have my gingerbread candle burning (even in the summer months) I love smelling the scents of autumn all year long, this is my favourite candle ever!

11. More ‘me’ Time

I love that when autumn comes you seem to have so much more time to yourself, your friends and family start to spend more time inside rather than venturing out into the cold and you don’t feel as bad letting people down for plans due to the darker nights and colder weather. I have started to really enjoy and appreciate quality time alone with myself, I dedicate time regularly to do things that make me happy like journaling, yoga and blogging.

12. Autumn Sunsets

Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen have been in autumn time, the breathtaking hues of pinks, reds and orange. Seriously, you need to go out and watch an autumn sunset.

There you have it, the 12 main reasons that I love autumn. What is your favourite time of the year? I would love to know what season makes you happiest!

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Until next time, Laura x

7 thoughts on “12 reasons why I fell in love with autumn

  1. Autumn is my favourite month and your post reminded me of how excited I am for it’s return! Unfortunately I’ve gotta deal with this horrible rain fall until then 🙁 haha! Good luck with Blogtober this year! Xx

  2. I echo all your thoughts. This might be a foolish question but what’s hygge? Never heard of it before and my interest was piqued.

  3. Exactly why autumn is the most amazing season! I’m looking forward to cozy nights in too! Learned a new word today too – hygge, had to look it up to understand what it is heh. Thank you for sharing your reasons! (:


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