ultimate things to do before summer ends

20 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Summer is nearly over and it will be autumn before we know it! I can honestly say that I am super excited about autumn, it is my favorite time of the year, I do have a slight obsession with autumn I love the colours, the warm comfort food like apple pie, the warm drinks, the sunsets. I literally spend most of my winter, spring and summer pinning all these glorious images about autumn just dreaming of how excited I will be when autumn finally arrives, I don’t know what it is but I just feel my best in autumn. I love taking autumn strolls and seeing all the autumny (if that’s even a word) things around me like pinecones and acorns and the burnt orange, red and brown leaves.

Anyway during one of my daily autumn daydreams I had a thought about what I wanted to do before autumn arrives, I sat with my notebook and pens and wrote a ‘before summer ends bucket list’ and from that I picked my 20 best things to do in summer which are so great that I thought I would share them with you! So if your looking for some fun and adventures that will bring lasting memories with your loved ones this summer then look no further!

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1. Camping

I just love camping and when the weather is nice it is the perfect time to go camping and enjoy the outdoors. Gather up the crew, grab a tent and head somewhere for a night of camping in the wild! You will be amazed at how beneficial being outdoors and being ‘un-plugged’ is for our mental health and summer really isn’t summer without a good camping trip.

My Top Camping Tips:

Gooey campfire cones – take a wafer cone and fill with a mixture of marshmallows, rolos, and chocolate chips. Wrap in tinfoil and place at the side of the fire where it can get heat and melt. My fave camping treat and is always such a hit with the kids (and adults).

gooey campfire cones

Take some LED candles for some light when all the mobile phone batteries die – these are the ones I use from amazon!

Make sure to pack some on your next camping trip.

2. Beach Fire

There is something so amazing about just sitting at the beach with a fire burning, with good friends and having a laugh. There are always moments when the whole group just sit silently gazing into the fire listening to the waves and the birds just really enjoying the moment of tranquility.

Note: Always be safe and stick to the law when dealing with fires and don’t burn anything that could be dangerous.

3. Visit a Festival or Event

Attending a festival is a great part of summer, and no matter what your style or personality there will always be something for you from music festivals, book festivals and comedy festivals. My favorite place to go for the festival is Edinburgh! It is a fantastic day out, there is so much to see and the atmosphere in Edinburgh during the festive is like nothing else.

If you happen to be in Edinburgh for the festival then visiting the royal mile is a must! A mile-long road full of free talented street acts and shows that you will love!

4. Autumn Clothes Shopping

Of course this had to make the list! I spend pretty much all year looking through autumn outfits and I can not wait until its shopping time for all the cute scarfs, cozy jumpers, fluffy socks in all the warm burgundies and wine colours that come out in the autumn. This is probably the one I am most excited for as it just makes it even more real that autumn has nearly come again. Yeyyy!!

5. Make Homemade Ice-lollies

Ice lollies are a must-have on those hot summer days and if your town is anything like mine with the recent heat waves and hotter than normal temperature then you probably know how great it feels to cool down in the sun with a frozen ice pop. And they are even better when you make them yourself. Save money and get creative add some chopped fruit and sparkling water, or add some prosecco for an adults-only treat!

6. Read a Feel Good Book

When I think of summer I tend to think of the sun and smiles and happiness, I mean who isn’t happier when the sun is shining? Pick a feel-good book, relax with a cuppa or glass of wine and get lost in the book.

7. Road Trip    

Road trip adventures are the best! Especially in the summer due to the long nights and late sunsets. Find a map, pick an adventure and road trip with your besties.

8. Create a Summers Playlist

Since the end of summer is near and because summer songs just don’t feel the same in the autumn now is the time to get into the summer mood with the summer music on whilst you’re doing the housework, walking the dog, taking your nightly jog whatever it is put on your feel-good summer playlist and get into the summers vibe while the sun is still shining.

9. Strawberry Picking

I just love strawberries and when you pick them yourself, they really do taste 100 times better, I worked at a farm for the summer one year and the best part was the strawberry picking. Why don’t you find a local farm that allows strawberry picking then make some yummy strawberry tarts, perfect on a sunny day!

10. Eat Ice-Cream

Find a good ice-cream shop and splurge on the ultimate summers style ice-cream cone. I don’t know if it’s just me or the fact that where I live is generally pretty cold and rainy apart from a few days/weeks with actual sunshine but I tend to only eat ice cream cones during the summer on those hot(ish) days.

11. Visit a Farmers Market

Before summer ends, I really want to visit a farmers market and buy some fresh, organic fruit and vegetables while supporting small local businesses. Find out where your closest farmers market is online and take a trip out and support your local farmers.

12. Have a ‘Me’ Day

Unplug for a day and focus on one thing only, YOU. Treat yourself to a nice at home facemask, paint your nails, journal, mediate, practice yoga whatever you do to make yourself feel great do it, for the full day. Trust me you will thank yourself for it later.

13. Host the Ultimate BBQ

Check the weather forecast for the next warm day, then organise/ host a BBQ! A great way to spend the day entertaining your friends and family.

14. Watch the Sunset

Sunsets are so beautiful; you will literally never regret seeing such a beautiful sight. The colours that fill the sky, that feeling and sense of peace, tranquility, and gratitude, sometimes in life when we need to take a moment to relax just grab the coffee, blankets and find a lovely place to watch the sunset. Honestly, you will definitely feel better for it!

15. Explore a Local Country Park/ National Park

No matter where you stay I am sure there will be some sort of green areas, such as either country parks, national parks, woodland walks, hike routes, etc. Whatever green spaces are available to you go out, explore and spend the day in the fresh air surrounded by nature.

16. Star Gaze

I have always been so fascinated with moon and stars so its no wonder this was going to make the list of ‘things to do before summer ends’. When I star gaze with my nieces and nephews we have started using a kids paddling pool, filling it with duvet covers, pillows and blankets and stargaze in comfort with hot chocolate and marshmallows. You may even get lucky and see a shooting star or two.

17. Make Summer Mocktails

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without the mocktail/cocktail making sessions! Grab the ice, cute cocktail glasses and get creative with flavours!

18. Create a Summer Scrapbook

Make sure you don’t forget your best summer of 2019 memories by making a summer time scrapbook! Print out pictures, write down memories, save event tickets and other memorabilia from the summer and stick it in your scrapbook. I would recommend this mini polaroid camera if you want the cutest photos for your summer scrapbook.

19. Visit Family or Friends

Before autumn officially arrives plan a catch up with an old friend or a relative you’ve not seen in a while. Since these days everyone seems to have their own issues to deal with and with the hectic 9-5 lifestyle that doesn’t leave much time for socialising, so reach out to someone you love and show them that you care and that you are thinking about them.

20. Make an Autumn Bucket List!

My autumn bucket list is literally in progress all year long, I just add to it anytime I think of something new that I want to do in Autumn. My autumn bucket list is my most favorite bucket list of the year and I honestly get so excited planning my autumn days before it starts and ticking off all my autumn adventures. Grab your stationary set and notebook and create your own autumn bucket list today!

Why don’t you start a before summer ends bucket list I would love to know what you will put on your list so leave a comment and let me know!

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    1. That’s so cool! I love writing lists they make me feel so organised I hope you manage to tick off lots of adventures from your list!

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