5 Items Every Boss Girl Needs (Under £11)

Now, its no secret to know just how much hard work and dedication it takes to become a successful woman, and not everyone will achieve their dreams and will give up on their goals and their hope of a successful future. Although it will be a difficult journey to success, I have put together a list of items that will help you all so much and make sure that YOU don’t give up on your dreams like many others did, whether it be inspirational or something to keep your busy mind organised, they are sure to help you!

1. Boss Girl Notebook

Now you can write down all your ideas in style with this Boss Girl notebook! Use it to keep all your brainstorm ideas, notes, plans and your many words of wisdom.

2. #BossGirl Book

The author of this book Sophia Amoruso also the creator of Nasty Gal fashion line is so amazing, her book is empowering and fun, it is a must read for all women in general, Sophia has inspired me and helped me realise that if you work hard enough and give it your all you can achieve success, this gave me the kick up the butt that I needed to focus on my dreams, create a plan and move forward.

5 Top Items Every #GirlBoss Needs

3. Building An Empire Mug

Why would you want to drink your coffee out of anything other than this? Now every time I have a cuppa in this cute mug I can visualise the life I am creating for my family with the help of the cute affirmation.

4. Self-Love Goals

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘love’ crystal and helps especially with internal love and self-esteem, I always have at least one rose quartz on me daily either a tumblestone in my pocket or wearing it as a bracelet or necklace. This natural rose quartz facial roller is wonderful and helps close pores and promotes blood circulation (and can even reduce wrinkles!) What a better way to spend some quality time for yourself with a DIY facial and a glass of wine.

5. 2019 Planner

Every successful woman should have a planner to keep them organised, I went from having multiple pieces of paper, notebooks and planners pretty much anything I could find to write on, there was no structure at all, I couldn’t find certain things when I wanted too and everything was just a complete unorganised mess! Things changed though when I bought this, its basically a journal and diary in one with cute little empowerment quotes and motivational mantras throughout, you can even track your goals which I love about it.

There you have it 5 things every boss girl needs, if you are a successful woman or future woman entrepreneur treat yourself today! After all we are worth it 🙂 Remember and share with other #GirlBosses who need these too!

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    1. It really is! If you haven’t read it yet I would totally recommend you do, It is so inspiring I am sure you will love it too. Thanks for comment 🙂

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