5 Secrets For A More Productive Week

Its so easy to get caught up in life these days and sometimes it can feel like it is impossible to get organised when you think how much tasks you have but what feels like such little time. I am sharing my tips on how I have went from bring an unorganised mess, rushing about doing pretty much everything, to taking controlling of my days and becoming a productivity Queen!


1. Use Sunday As A Planning Day

Use this time to plan out the week ahead, this will include creating a meal plan for the week, writing down any appointments or information in your bullet journal or diary or notebook.

Create a weekly schedule including daily routines for the week adding any appointments etc you may have. You can design your own schedule through the likes of Canva or use one of the free templates available online or simply get creative using your journal/diary.

Set daily priorities and to-do lists, this helps keep you organised and motivated throughout the week with a well planned out schedule. Refer to this and your schedule regularly to avoid any missed appointment, or forgotten tasks.

It is easy to forget to spare quality time for ourselves due to being busy work and other commitments, but do try to fit in some time each week for yourself and your loved ones whether it’s a facemask one night a week or a quick visit to a friends for a cuppa and catch up.

2. Meal Plan

It is always a good idea to set a meal plan for the week I know it sounds hard to think on the spot of seven different dinners, lunches and breakfasts but it could be a great way to get all the family involved with the planning by discussing as a family what will be on the menu for the following week.

Meal planning not only helps save any waste as you can plan to use up any leftovers but it also takes away the stress of rummaging through the freezers trying to find something for dinner but ending up ordering a takeaway for convenience or grabbing a quick roll from a café while your at work.

Meal planning is also a great way to save money on your food shopping bill as you only need buy the ingredients that you need from each meal you have planned.

You can check out my other post where I share my family weekly menu plus a FREE shopping list and recipes! Take the stress out of dinner time with this complete meal plan for under £50.

£50 Family Weekly Meal Plan

3. Plan Weekly Goals

Write down your weekly goals and look back on them through out the week to help you focus on your goals and how your going to achieve them, the more you vision your dreams the more determine you become and the harder you will work to smash your goals to become one more step closer to your dreams.

To keep it simple plan 3 goals each week

  1. Personal goal
  2. Business goal/Parenting Goals
  3. Health goal

Now you have your goals you need to plan on how you can and will achieve your goals, one idea is to write down three steps you can take to achieve each goal  and work towards them every day.

You can create a mini weekly vision board in your journal with images, inspirational quotes and mantras as daily motivation.

4. Start The Week Off With A Clean House

Since I work every weekday until late I use Sunday’s as a day to really clean the house, the Zoflora comes out, the marigolds come out and I tackle it room by room.  I think it makes you feel like your already winning when you wake up on a Monday morning with a clean sink, empty washing basket and dusted shelves.

If you start the week off to a clean house you no longer have to spend the hours at night after work catching up with cleaning but instead more of a quick tidy up, laundry as you go and keeping on top of the dishes and other simpler tasks.

This helps me have a more productive week as I spend less time on cleaning which means I have more time for other tasks and hobbies like blogging, journaling and socializing.

The key to productive mornings

5. Wake Up Refreshed On Monday Morning

This really goes without saying but if you want to have a productive week having enough sleep and feeling refreshed is essential, there is no doubt about that. And no amount of coffee will give you the right mindset to be productive if your running on lack of sleep and regular caffeine boosts.

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep on the Sunday night and wake up earlier in the morning if you can, use the time to read over your weekly schedule and then begin with your morning routine.

Whatever you do make sure you don’t sleep in on the first day, starting your week off to a bad start the minute you open your eyes makes it hard to stay positive and very quickly your productive mood dies along with your Monday morning routine.

There you go, my secret tips on how to be more productive and organised and stay in control of your life.

L x

2 thoughts on “5 Secrets For A More Productive Week

  1. Great tips for creating a productive week! On Sunday’s I look forward to opening my planner and work calendar and schedule important tasks and appointments I have that week. Helps me stay organized and on track of things. I need to work on meal planning and creating a menu for the week. Thank you for sharing!

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