About Me

My name is Laura, 26 years old student and a pet shop assistant. Welcome to my lifestyle blog.

To describe myself I would say I am a metal detecting, crystal collecting, book reading, nature loving, star gazing, tea drinking dog mum who really appreciates the joy that the small things in life can bring.

I have a passion for writing and keep so many bullet journal, planners and just notes and lists lying around everywhere! (Oops) anyway I especially love writing about things I like so I thought why not share share my wonderful(ish) life the world or anyone who is interested.

My three main obsessions are;

Lists, lists and more lists!

Autumn – I mean who doesn’t love autumn! I don’t know if its because of its beautiful colours, incredible smells or the best comfort food of the year (think stew and dumplings apple crumble!)

Family – My family are really special to me, growing up with two sisters and three brothers was great but its so much better now that they have all grown up and had lots beautiful babies that come to there aunties house for sleepovers and hugs!

I absolutely love a bargain and saving money, a big foodie and always experiment with recipes in the kitchen, I also love exploring and going on adventures things like camping, hill walking, cycling, road trips etc. anything where you can really appreciate nature and the wilderness, I feel it brings a sense of happiness being outdoors and if you really look around you can see the beauty that lies within it.

In my blog you can expect to read about;

  • money saving tips
  • meal plans
  • student hacks/tips
  • metal detecting adventures
  • budget planning
  • DIY, tips and hacks
  • and my life in general.

I hope you enjoy my blog

Laura x

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