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Autumn Bucket List

Welcome to day 3 of my Blogtober challenge! I am super excited about todays post as this has to be my favourite bucket list EVER!

Autumn 2019 is here! And I am SOOO happy, every year I create an autumn bucket list which I will share with you all, this way I can make sure I create lots of memories with my family, go on adventures out in the fresh air and just make the most out of autumn. This is also my first autumn as a blogger which makes me super excited since I am autumn obsessed Lol. Usually my autumn nights are filled with books, tea, comfort food and reading my fave blogs but this year I am actually writing my own posts Yeyyy!

Autumn is the season for pumpkins, haybales, hot chocolate and warm sweaters and chilly autumn walks, it is also the season where we celebrate harvest and Halloween and it’s the BEST time to watch scary movies and visit creepy, haunted places.

So, here it is my autumn bucket list 2019! Make sure you have the best autumn too by creating a bucket list of your own filled with fun autumn activities you can do alone or with people close to you!

1. Go on a picnic and admire the autumn foliage

One of my fave things about autumn is the stunning colours of the foliage and trees and the low sun just makes the sky look much more pretty, just the thought of sitting on a tartan blanket having a picnic admiring the views, watching the world go by makes me so excited!

2. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great autumn tradition and is perfect for any autumn bucket list. Pick some local fresh apples and bake a warm apple pie or make apple cider. Yum!

3. Go on a witch’s tour in Edinburgh

I have been to a few witches’ tours and ghost tours when I was a teenager and would love to go back, especially in autumn! The tours are spooky and scary, I remember they had me jumping out my skin! My friends and I have been talking recently about going so I had to add this to the list.

4. Visit a pumpkin patch

I have never been to a pumpkin patch before so when I found out there was one only an hour’s drive I was so happy! I can’t wait to have a fun day out picking our own pumpkins then taking them home and decorating them!

5. Do some volunteering work

I LOVE helping people and always feel a little emotional at this time of year when the colder weather comes in I just can’t help but think of the homeless people and the more vulnerable people who could be affected by the colder months. Back when I was a community worker every year we would help out in the local communities that had high rates of poverty, we helped raise money and collected donations of blankets, hats, coats and food for the homeless, elderly and children who needed them. It was an amazing feeling knowing you helped make someone’s day a little better but now that I no longer work in that field I miss that feeling a lot, that’s why I added this to my bucket I want to feel that real sense of happiness and joy by giving to others and helping the less fortunate.

6. Bake apple crumble

Autumn just wouldn’t be autumn without baking the most autumnal dessert of all… Apple crumble, the delicious sweet apple and cinnamon filling the crunchy, chewy buttery topping and the creamy vanilla ice-cream on top that melts all over it. just. Amazing.

7. Harry potter marathon

Rainy days are prefect days for a Harry Potter marathon! Stick your coziest PJ’s on grab the popcorn, light the candles and bingewatch your fave harry potter movies!

8. Read a scary book

I have to say I have never read a scary book, I’m not a fan of scary movies either but I do love the thought of reading a scary book on a cold, dark autumns night with the wind and rain blowing against the window.

9. Cozy night in

Cozy nights in are the best! This calls for face masks, bath bombs, hair treatment, candles, hot chocolate (or wine)!

10. Visit the enchanted forest – Pitlochry

The enchanted forest looks amazing and I can’t wait to visit this year, Its a massive light display in the middle of the forest, I have never seen anything like it and I just know it will be a fantastic event!

11. Host an autumn themed dinner party

I love cooking and having guests over for dinner, I especially love cooking at this time of year when I can make the most delicious comfort food like stews and soups and cinnamon flavoured everything .

12. Bake snickerdoodles

Living in Scotland I feel like we don’t celebrate autumn like they do in America and that makes me so sad! I haven’t even tried snickerdoodles or candy corn or been on haybale rides or been to a corn maze like they do in America, but this year I will be celebrating autumn American style and making my own autumn sweets and treats inspired by autumn in America! I cant wait to try new recipes and activities.

13. Decorate acorns

I love collecting acorns and pinecones when I’m out walking my dog or on nature walks with my nieces and nephews, we take them home paint them, glitter them, stick them to paper to create art or use them a cute autumn centrepiece.

14. Bake homemade bread

Nothing beats homemade bread in the cold weather! Always be sure to make the two thought as I find the first loaf disappears so quickly, I mean who can resist the smell of homemade bread that’s just out the oven! This goes great with a bowl of homemade soup, the best comfort food for a cold autumn night!

15. Create a spooky haunted gingerbread mansion

My nieces and nephews are always looking for fun things to bake, create or make and I had this idea to make a spooky house inspired by the gingerbread house, I think this will be great fun and can’t wait to see what we create together.

16. Build a bonfire at the beach

Beaches and bonfires on an autumn’s night, this honestly sounds SOO perfect, I love the sound of the waves and wildlife while your cozying up to a fire keeping your hands nice and warm.

17. Watch the sunrise

Sunrises are so beautiful in the autumn time when the sun is lower, there is something so precious about being awake when the world is still quite when you can sit and enjoy a cuppa and watch the sunrise.

18. Roast pumpkin seeds

Autumn is known for pumpkin season but so many people when they buy a pumpkin they carve it and throw away the pumpkin seeds, but did you know they can be roasted to make a great healthy(ish) autumn snack? My favourite is honey & cinnamon pumpkin seeds they are lush!

19. Make toffee apples

I just love toffee apples and I have seen so many fun recipes I am definitely going to try this autumn including salted caramel apples.

20. Watch hocus pocus

Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without watching hocus pocus, I watch it every year it must be the best autumn movie ever! No matter how old I get I will probably still continue to watch It every year.

21. Have an autumn photo shoot in the leaves

Get the camera ready, find a picture-perfect spot and snap away! Take pictures of your dog, your outfit, the scenery, you jumping in a pile of leaves, whatever you want, just have fun!

22. Make warm apple cider

Apple cider is like the autumn version of mulled wine, it’s the perfect autumnal drink filled with autumn flavours.

23. Go to a football game

I loved going to football matches as a child, me and my dad would walk down to the stadium in the cold wearing our football strips buzzing for the game, I always remember it being autumn weather and we would warm ourselves up with a hot bovril and a pie! I haven’t been to a football game for so long but I really want to go this year to relive some of my favourite autumn childhood memories.

 I hope you have found some inspiration from my autumn bucket list! I would love to know what is on your autumn bucket list! Leave a comment below and let me know.

Until next time,

Laura x

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