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Blogtober day 6

Day 6 of my blogtober challenge is here and I have a great post lined up for you all! One of my favourite things to do on a cold autumn’s night is journaling, Its such an amazing tool that has benefited my life so much! Journaling is such a simple effective way to express yourself through your thoughts and words, it can also be used to help ease symptoms of anxiety by clearing your mind.

Journaling is a fantastic easy tool that can be used to help keep our busy lives more organised and help us stay in control of our days, weeks and most importantly our mind. People use journals to track and plan all sorts of aspects of their lives from meal planning to setting goals, to tracking our daily habits. It can also be used as a diary type book by adding or creating different pages where you can write down any feelings or thoughts. Doing this regularly helps you to stay in control of your mind and makes it easier to see when and why your mood was lower than usual, you can then work out what triggers your low moods and take action steps to fix them and eliminate any negativity or triggers from your life.

Journaling is also so beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical health for several reasons. My Favourite thing about journaling is that provides me with a feeling of being in control and organised and really just having a place I can write down my thoughts, manifest my dream life and plan out my days effiecntly.

I have had tons of journals over the years, I started off with just basic journals and as I invested more time into them they are becoming more creative. I started watching videos to learn how to create various fonts and journal designs I loved to make them a little more personalised. The main things to keep in mind when creating a journal is making it feel special to you! So if you’re a plain jane kinda gal or someone who with a more creative side making sure your journal reflects you and your personality and vibe is a must or it won’t feel as personal.

My journal is usually the first thing I pick up in the morning and the last thing I put down at night, when I write my daily affirmations or mantras first thing in the morning and write down my gratitude list at the end of the night it helps raise my vibrations and makes me feel more gratitude and happiness through-out the day. If you have an understanding of the law of attraction then you will know that writing down what you are grateful for and thanking the universe for all the good things in your life is somewhat magic and the universe will conspire to give you more reasons to be happy.

Below I am sharing a list of the best page ideas for your journal categorised into various themes so you will get some ideas no matter what type of journal you have!

Sacred Journal Page Ideas

Angel Numbers

Star Sign Traits & Facts

Moon Sign


Crystals & Their healing properties

Law of attraction

Gratitude List

Moon Tracker

Daily Manifestions

Daily Affirmations and mantras

Dreams & Desires

Spiritual Readings or Angle Card readings

Meditation experience/thought tracker

Organisiational Journal

Daily log

Weekly log

Monthly log

Budget planner

Cleaning schedule

6 months at a glance

Income/savings tracker

Meal planner

Blog Journal

Usermames & Passwords

Goals tracker

Blog post Ideas

Expenses/Income tracker

Social media planner

Statistics tracker

Media kit

Blog branding

6 month blog review

Basic Journal

Habits tracker

Goals tracker

Daily tasks

Monthly memories

Reading list

Spending log

Daily routine

Positive affirmations

Chores list

Recipes to try

Fitness Journal

Weight loss tracker

Healthy recipes

Weekly meal prep

Exercise tracker

Monthly achievements

Sleep log

Monthly fitness challenge tracker

Water intake tracker

Fitness goals

Seasonal Journals

Autumn bucket list

winter wishlist

spring must haves

Summer memories

Christmas greeting

Happy Halloween

I hope this post has inspired you to create your own journal or gave you some ideas to add to yours if you’re a journal lover! I would love to hear what your favourite journal pages are, leave a comment below and let me know!

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Until next time,

Laura x

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