Mental Health Days

Mental Health Days – What They Are & Why You Should Take Them

Blogtober Day 2

Welcome to day two of my Blogtober challenge! I have changed this post last minute just because I think it’s so important to speak about mental health, so I know it’s not the typical autumn post that most bloggers post about for blogtober but I felt a need to post it today.

So many people are suffering with various mental health problems, but did you know that you can take a ‘mental health day’ at work or college? If you don’t know what a mental health day is it is when a person takes a day off work as a sick day for reasons other than physical illness. This could be stress, depression, anxiety etc.

Mental health is just as important as physical health is, so we need to make sure we are treating it that way. Have you ever been so ill you have had to call in sick to work? Have you ever had a day where you just feel so low and down, you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and you just feel exhausted but have still forced yourself to go to work thinking you can’t take a day off as your physically ‘fine’. If we would take a sick day when our physical health is bad why shouldn’t we take a sick day when our mental health is low? And I bet we have all done it, we have went into our workplace when we probably should have taken the day off but didn’t want to be judged or we become too anxious to call in sick so we show up, our heads all over the place and we are not able to work to the best of our ability.

Taking a mental health day is so important for our health and sometimes all we need is a day or two rest to recharge our batteries then we come back feeling happier, energised and ready to take on the day. So, if you wake up and have feelings of anxiety, stress, depression or just feel overwhelmed then it may be for your greater good to phone in to work, college etc. and let them know you will not be in due to sickness. Since there is still a stigma surrounding mental health issues some people may not feel confident to explain that their sickness is due to mental health and that’s okay too, just make up an excuse and don’t feel guilty about it or let anyone make you feel guilty about it as no one knows how you feel expect you!

To help you make the most of your mental health day I am sharing my top tips and ideas that lift my mood, helps me have a productive mental health day and prepares me for going back to work feeling much better.

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Tips and ideas to make the most of your mental health day:

  1. Start the day off with a healthy breakfast – (plus any morning rituals you like to do) if you start your morning off with a healthy breakfast you will have more energy throughout the day and you will feel so much better in yourself for it! Even if you are not much of a breakfast fan try an eat something small a piece of fruit or slice of toast to make you feel good. As my mum always said ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’

2. Practice some yoga – even if you’ve never practiced yoga before I really do recommend you try out even a beginner flow or poses as it’s a great way to make you feel connected, reduce stress and helps depression. It is also a great way to unwind and relax while stretching your body and getting a sweat on.

3. Adult colouring in – this is a super stress less activity! I have bundles of adult colouring books, they are so perfect when you need to forget about things for a while, just switch the world off and focus on the picture you are creating. There are so many adult colouring books on the market now but my favourite is this one from amazon

4. Start a journal – I became so much happier starting a journal and you can too! Life can certainly be hard work and sometimes we may feel like everything becomes too much to handle, having a journal where you can write down all of your thoughts and process exactly how you feel is a great way to let go of the emotions your holding on to – usually when we write down how we feel it can be easier to finally let go of the issue or problem and start focusing on the more positives of your life. Journals are also great to keep your whole life organised you can add pages to keep track of your budget, track your habits, weekly meal plans or add some daily logs, weekly logs and monthly logs to keep you super productive and organised throughout the month meaning less stressing and worrying.

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5. Enjoy some time outdoors – go a nature walk, visit a country park. You can even do some hobbies outdoors such as fishing or metal detecting, even knitting or blogging/reading in your garden would be a great way to spend some time outside in nature which has been proven to increase the endorphins in our brains that make us ‘happy’.

6. Read your favourite book – nothing says chilling out and spending quality time alone like a good book does on a cold autumn day! Anytime I’m feeling like crap I pick up a feel-good book that will get me in a happy, high vibe mood.

7. Speak to a friend – even if you don’t necessarily want to see your friends or family when you are taking a mental health day – which I totally get! who wants to be going out to socialise when you can’t even make it into work that day but even just giving your bestie a text and check in on them can really boost your mood without even having to face them.

8. Pamper your self – you can hold a full blown self pamper session with face mask, hair mask, exfoliator etc or just do something small that will make yourself feel a little better like painting your nails or relax in a detox bath (just add 2 handfuls of espom salts to your bath and soak)

9. Goal Planning – I always feel so much more motivated when I set goals and write them down! I think having them written down helps focus on how you can achieve the goals and what action steps you need to take to make them a reality.

10. High vibe podcast – Nothing gets me in a better high vibe state than listening to my favourite inspirational podcasts, there are so many podcasts out there so just find one you love and start listening to it, podcasts are great I listen to them while I’m going about daily chores or travelling it makes washing the dishes and tidying up much more fun! You can check out my favourite podcast by Taylor Stone here; trust me this podcast is life changing, Taylor is amazing and shares her experiences and tips on how to raise your vibration and create a life you love.

I hope this post has been helpful for some people, I would love to hear what your favourite things to do on a mental health day are! Leave me a comment below and let me know

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Until next time

Laura x

7 thoughts on “Mental Health Days – What They Are & Why You Should Take Them

  1. 100% taking mental health days is so so needed. We constantly feel we have to be on all the time and never take care of our mental health in the same way we would a physical injury. Some days are tougher than others and when having those down days, it’s really important to not feel like you have to keep going even when you’re not feeling 100%.

    Taking off days from work, whether that be from freelance or traditonal 9-5, I feel we are conditioned to think oh no I should be working why am I wasting time? when taking care of our mental health will lead to a more productive work day- we just have to stop and take care of ourselves first to recharge.

    I exercise daily and I have to say mentally I’m just in such a great head space all day after, nothing feels better than running a 5K during the week/weekend!

    YES JOURNALING – I love love bullet journaling, it’s just so so relaxing, I’ve been slacking a bit but I really want to get into it again! I’ve just gotten a book from the library and can’t wait to dive into it, it can be hard to find a book especially when I can just read the Harry Potter series haha!

Definitely inspired me to journal in the evening, great post!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, you are so right, We live in such a face-paced society now and keeping up can have an effect on our mental health. Doing all of these things can be so beneficial to stay healthy and happy! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 x

  2. These are great tips! I think it’s so important to do things that make you feel positive rather than sitting and dwelling in your lower mood. I know some places are being more accommodating to the concept of taking a mental health day now which is great, I wish there wasn’t so much stigma there x


    1. Yep, I love the fact more places are allowing mental health days! I hope this can be a big change for tackling the stigma attached to mental health x

  3. Yoga is so peaceful. A million little things can have at you and an immersion into yoga will take it all away. Perhaps you will come back to your issues with new eyes. I love coloring but journaling is where it is at for me. I express and love myself best through words.

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