Top 5 Tips – How To Hygge This Winter


I have become obsessed with all things Hygge recently, it has become more popular in the uk in the last year but what is Hygge exactly?

Well, imagine you are sitting in front of the fire with a cuppa in one hand and a good book in the other, you are surrounded by candle light and people you love, you can smell the freshly baked bread and everyone is happy, you have that at peace sensation deep in your stomach – that is what Hygge is. – Danish word for a mood of coziness and the comfortable feeling of wellness and contentment.

It really is no wonder more people have been embracing a Hygge lifestyle! With this chaotic, face paced modern lifestyle that most of us seem to be living with 40+ working hour weeks its always good to take a moment of relaxation and pure bliss and if you want to add a little hygge to your life follow these easy, cheap hygge tips.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to bring a sense of Hygge to your new year.

1. Candles – and lots of them

I love lightning my candles, turning off the big light and turning the room into a relaxing, cozy sanctuary with candle light flickering all around, it’s especially wonderful at this time of year when the cold, dark nights are here and the possibility of snow at any moment. I would also recommend burning some scented wax melts, I love any cinnamon scented melts as they just smell so delish! And of course are very hygge.

2. Tea – so much tea

Is there really any better feeling than sitting down on a cold winters night with a hot cup of tea to warm your hands? If tea is not your thing then any hot drink will make you in the cozy mood why not try mulled wine or hot chocolate to get you soul warm.

3. Board games, cards and family time

Hygge is all about spending more time making memories with your family. In a time where technology is everywhere it’s good to get off line and socialise with your family without any technology, it’s also good for the mind to take a break from the constant technology and enjoy the present time with people you love.

4. Hot desserts

Baking and cooking can be great at de stressing the body as well as helping you to embrace a Hygge lifestyle of happiness and comfort. Why not invite some friends over and cook a delicious hoot apple crumble or peach cobbler, nothing says Hygge quite like sharing a warm desert with great company.

5. Finding joy in the small things

With the stresses of Christmas over for another year it’s a great time to look back and think of all the small things that have made you happy, usually the small things in life can you make you more happier and are usually free, it’s about making fun memories that will last a lifetime, its not the happiness you get from objects

There you have it! My top 5 tips on how to create that hygge feeling at home. Why don’t you try some tips tonight and embrace hygge into your life.

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